Launching FOBU: Driving A Car of Splitting Up |

We like to dislike those catchy acronyms that motivate you to seize life because of the horns—you learn, phrases like YOLO (you just real time once) and FOMO (fear of really missing out). And from now on there are four new emails in town, plus they basically represent the exact opposite of going at life with a gutsy method. Our associates at How About the audience is untangling a misery-inducing condition called
, or concern about splitting up. How they define it:

“You’ve been internet dating for around a year. You’ll stay with each other at this point. You’ve spent at least one vacation with every other people’ family members and possess attended wedding receptions as well as other life goals as a with other couples-down, you understand this connection actually fulfilling your requirements (or your spouse’s, for instance). Still, you are trapped—be it by inertia, apathy, a sense of duty, monetary concerns, or crippling worry. And that means you do-nothing and say nothing. The connection stays position quo.”

Sound familiar? You could be responsible for FOBU. (To be sure, read
10 Sings You Really Have FOBU
). As you’d count on professional advice to tell you to work through a crude patch within union, the remedy because of this condition is a lot like ripping down a Band-Aid. Basically, correcting FOBU indicates manning upwards—and separating.

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